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How to Use Telegram Web on PC Browser: 2 Easy Methods

Telegram has been one of the favorite applications that is widely used for communications. With over 1 Billion downloads, Telegram has become one of the world's top messaging app for Android phone.

Apart from its popularity in the Android market, one thing that makes people love Telegram is the possibility of using it on a computer instead of smartphone. Not only that, you can be online on PC without needing for your phone to be online at all times which means that that may use Telegram on PC while your smartphone is turned off.

Moreover, using Telegram on a PC will help you connect with people but also not losing your focus on your work or study as you wouldn't have to check your phone for messages from time to time.

Why choose Telegram Web over Telegram Desktop

While there are two ways for using Telegram on PC, which includes the Telegram Desktop App and Telegram Web for browser, there is one huge reasons why you might want to use the web version and that is due to storage.

To be precise, the web version of Telegram doesn't require you to install any application apart from having a working, updated, and supported browsers. This allows you to use Telegram web without using any much of your storage and this is especially helpful if you don't have much of a free storage.

In addition, using Telegram Web is a lot more easier since you wouldn't have to do any extra steps such as installing the app or even in case you need to update the web client, the Telegram web client usually will do it automatically.

For that, in this article we will guide you through specifically on how to use the Telegram web. Without any further ado, here are the two easy methods for you to use Telegram Web with every steps included.

How to Use Telegram Web on Computer Browser

How to Use Telegram Web on PC Browser

First method: log in by QR code

The first method that we are going to use is by logging in using a QR code. However, you should know that before using the Telegram Web, you need to have been registered through your phone and having it active beforehand. The reason why this is necessary is because you would need to scan QR code for you to log in. In case you are ready with your phone's Telegram app, here are the steps on how to use Telegram web using a QR code.

  1. Open a browser on a laptop or computer. Please also make sure that your internet browser is up-to-date as the Telegram web might only be compatible with some of the latest browsers.
  2. Go to Telegram Web official website. Please be advised that there are numerous unofficial links with identical page that might be harmful for your account. For that reason, you should ALWAYS use the official website to keep your account away from being hacked.
  3. A QR code will appear as soon as the page loads. Every once in a while, this QR code will be refreshed as long as you are connected to the internet.
  4. Open Telegram app on your phone.
  5. Open Settings. You may access this by tapping the three bars menu.
  6. Tap Devices.
  7. Select Link Desktop Device. This will allow Telegram to bring up the camera for QR code.
  8. Point your camera toward the QR code to scan it. This allows Telegram to confirm your identity and to link your account with the device.
  9. Once the QR code is succesfully scanned, you will be redirected to the web application and now Telegram web is ready for you to use.

Second method: log in by phone number

Besides logging in using a QR code, another method of using Telegram Web is by using a phone number. The same with previous method, you would need to have your Telegram account ready beforehand to be able to log in to Telegram Web but you can always sign up through your phone or the desktop app. As for the steps on how to use Telegram web with phone number, it is quite as simple as the previous one but instead of scanning a QR code, you will receive a verification code to log in. That being said, here is how you can use Telegram web with a phone number.

  1. Use your browser to open the Telegram Web official page
  2. Click on the login by phone number button.
  3. Select your country as well as the country phone code number.
  4. Type in the phone number that you used for your Telegram account and hit Enter or Next. If you wish to stay logged in, you may also select the 'keep me signed in' prompt though we recommend you to use this feature only in your personal computer.
  5. If you entered your number correctly, you will receive a text message containing five digit code in your phone's telegram app.
  6. Enter the provided 5-digit verification code into the Telegram Web and it will automatically validate the code.
  7. If you enter the code correctly, you may now use the Telegram Web App on your PC or laptop.

Note: The advantage of opening Telegram on a laptop is that you don't have to activate your phone. So that Telegram Web on a laptop or PC will remain active even if the phone is running out of battery, does not turn on Wifi or cellular data, or there is no signal.

Wrapping Up

Using a Telegram Web will allow you to stay in touch with your friends while also keeping you focus on your tasks. Even more so, opening Telegram web on computer doesn't require you to download any kind of applications nor needing your phone to be active at all times.

To start using Telegram Web, you would only need to login to Telegram Web using one of the two methods above but you also have to remember that you would need to be signed up on your phone before you can start using Telegram web. And then, after you complete signing up and logging in, you will be all set to use Telegram Web just as you would do on your smartphone.