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Android Phone Shuts Off by Itself: 4 Reasons Why and How to Fix Them

For over the past decade, we are seeing how smartphone vendors have been regularly releasing smartphones from the most entry-level to the flagship-level smartphones. However, no matter how low-end or high-end your phone is, it is possible that your phone might suffer from a sudden turn-off without even a warning. This can be troublesome especially if you are doing something important as it might need quite a long time for it to get back on and in the worst case, it doesn't even want to get turned back on.

But before we go into how to fix the issue, let us take a look at a few reasons why android shuts off by itself.

Reasons Why Android Phone Keep Shutting Off by Itself

How to Fix Random Shutdown on Android

Scheduled restart

A scheduled restart is a feature on recent phones to allow users to schedule when the phone can initiate a restart usually during an inactive period such as after midnight. This scheduled restart is beneficial as temporary and trash files might be plaguing your phone system and a system restart could help to tidy up things in the system. Although the default time is during the inactive phone period, there is a chance that you might have just turned on a scheduled restart feature while changing the scheduled time to when you are active with the phone. However, you should be advised that there will be a notification before the scheduled restart occur.

Firmware bugs and instability

It is not uncommon that even the most well-developed operating system could suffer from bugs and software instability. Although many smartphone vendors have been regularly releasing stable OS, there is always a chance that your phone's current firmware is being crippled by a bug in the system. There is also a chance that your phone might become unstable if you make a change or alteration in the phone's system such as rooting your phone.

Malware and unsafe apps

Installing an app on your phone has never been easier on most recent smartphones but it is also putting you at risk of installing unsafe apps or even malware. You have to even be more cautious if you had just installed an app outside the authorized app store or installed an app from an untrusted source as they might inflict damage to your phone's system.

Hardware Issues

The last and the worst reason why your phone is turning off by itself is that your phone suffers from a hardware issue. There are numerous kinds of phone damage that could contribute to the sudden turn-off of a phone but the most common issues are battery issues and circuit damage. Your phone could be identified with battery issues if the phone is still able to be turned back on but the sudden turn-off may occur again on regular basis. On the other hand, your phone might be suffering circuit damage if the phone can't be turned again after the sudden death.

How to fix Random Shutdown on Android

There are a number of ways to fix your phone from sudden turn-off and possibly prevent it from happening again. However, you should be advised that each fix is related to a certain cause and it is not guaranteed that it will fix the issue.

Turn off the scheduled restart

If it appeared that you accidentally turned on a scheduled restart or changed the schedule to an undesired time, you might want to try to turn it off or change the scheduled time to a desirable time. You may do so, if your phone is Samsung, by going into Settings -> open General Management -> select Reset -> select Auto Restart At Times. There you may turn on or turn off the Auto Restart and also change the settings to your liking. You should note that each phone might have different ways of doing it but you can always use the search feature in the settings and use the keyword "restart" and find the option.

Update your phone to the latest firmware

In the case of firmware bugs and operating system instability, you might want to consider updating your phone's firmware to the latest version. This is especially true if the cause is a crippling bug as a firmware update usually brings a hotfix to eliminate issues with bugs. However, if your phone is already in the latest firmware or updating the phone doesn't seem like working at all, you can always try a factory reset as it may bring the phone to its factory settings.

Delete malicious apps and install antivirus

If you think that malware and unsafe apps could be the culprit, it is very important for you to identify the malicious apps and delete them as soon as possible before any damage could be inflicted further. It is also highly recommended for you to install an antivirus to help you mitigate the risk of it happening again, not to mention the useful tools that came with it. 

Bring your phone to a repair center

If any of the fixes above doesn't work, it is very likely that your phone might have an issue with the hardware. Therefore, to save yourself from wrongly diagnosing the problem and possibly making the problem worse, you might want to consider seeking professional help to repair the issue by going to your trusted repair center or even the official service center. You should note that if the issue is not afflicted by the phone user and the phone is still under warranty, you might get a full repair without spending a penny.


Any smartphone is at risk of a sudden turn-off and there are quite a number of reasons for it to happen including scheduled restart, firmware bugs & system instability, malicious apps, and possible issues related to the phone's hardware. However, there are also easy ways to fix the issues such as turning off the auto-restart feature, updating the phone's hardware to the latest version, eliminating malicious apps, and bringing your phone to the service center as the last resort.