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9 Top Features on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Android is a Linux-based operating system designed by Google to support the operation of touchscreen electronic devices, such as smartphones or tablets. You operate the Android device by touching, tapping, or sliding your fingers on the screen. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to learn about some features offered by Android 4.0 phones.

Released on 19 October 2011, Android Ice Cream Sandwich was said to be a simple, beautiful, and beyond smart operating system. With that in mind, let us take a look at the interesting features that come with this version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, shall we?

Top Features Available on Android 4.0 ICS

Top Features on Android 4 ICS

Refined User-Interface

Android 4.0 was built with the design in mind for easy multitasking, deep interactivity, rich notifications, and customization. With the new UI, users may navigate through the system by intuitive gestures with refined animations. Moreover, new font that is available for users may improve readability and making the experience feels modern.


Designed for multitasking, the Android ICS implements a 'recent app' feature on screen. With this feature, users may switch between apps that have recently been used in a matter of few taps. This will enable users to open multiple tasks easily without being afraid of starting the app all the way from the beginning.

Rich notifications

Notifications has been a crucial feature for android since its release. However, notifications in Android 4.0 has been enriched and improved with interactivity. Within the notifications, users may be able to keep in touch with real-time updates from apps, incoming text messages, and even control music.

Home screen folders and resizable widgets

Having many apps may become clutter but with this new feature, users may be able to organize their apps into folders right on their home screen. Not only that, users would be able to mark apps as well as contacts as their favorites. In addition, the widgets that is usually be used is now resizable, making the home screen more customizable.

Lock screen action and quick call response

In this new android version, users will be able to perform more than just unlocking such as opening the camera, managing music tracks while playing, and even pulling down the notification window. Users may also be able to give a quick text response to incoming phone calls, in case users are not able to answer the call and need to give a swift response.

Swipe to dismiss

Dismissing tasks, notifications, and browser tabs have never been easier with the 'swipe to dismiss' feature beginning in Android Ice Cream Sandwich. As it suggests, users would only need to swipe either right or left to close the appropriate apps, notifications, as well as sites that they are being browsed.


Sharing what's on the screen is now made simple with the screenshot feature in this version. With a simple button shortcut, users will be able to take a screenshot, save it, and share the screenshot using the gallery app.

Improved essential apps

The new Android ICS not only refined some of the key features but also refines the essential apps such as contacts, camera, gallery, and web browser. The contact app, now called the people app, offer richer fields to save information about people as well as add their picture. The camera app is also improved with new features such as face detection and tap to focus. The gallery app has also been redesigned, allowing users to view more albums with great thumbnails and even edit pictures with a built-in photo editor. The last but not least, the web browser has been improved with a better page rendering engine and now users may request a full desktop version of the website.

Face unlock

Utilizing the front camera, it is now possible for users to unlock the phone with a glance of their face with the new face unlock feature. To be able to use this feature, users simply would need to register their face during setup for it to recognize. To unlock the phone, users simply need to hold the device in front in a well-lit room, and in case of recognition fail, they can always use a backup PIN or pattern.


The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich comes with various improvements as well as additional features that have never been introduced before. We may see that some of the essential apps have been improved, the UI has been refined, the functionality has been increased, and interesting features have been introduced. For that, it is well noted that this version was set to be considered a milestone in android development for it defined Android Operating System as we know it.