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4 Best Video Player Apps Available on Both Android and PC

Playing a video is one of the things that every user will do on their gadgets. Whether it is on an android phone or windows PC, people will play videos either just to watch movies or to play some of their favorite captured moments. For that, it is crucial for a phone or a pc to have an application with video playing functionality. Both android and PC have their own lists of best video player apps but do you know that some of them are actually available on both platforms?

With that being said, here is a list of the best 4 video player for android and PC. 

4 Best Video Player Apps You Can Find on Android and PC

Video Player Apps Available for Android and PC
Video Player Apps Available for both Android and PC

VLC Media Player

Yes, you read it right. The world-renowned VLC Media Player is not only playing videos on PC but also on android phones with its VLC for Android app. Despite being an open-source multimedia player, VLC had also ported its android version with most of its functionality. Even though there are still some features that are only available in the PC version, VLC for Android has maintained what is loved from its PC version, great functionality and yet totally free without any ads!

Download VLC Media Player for Android

Download VLC Media Player for PC

GOM Player

GOM Player has been a long-running media player that had served users for years, and it is also available for Android users. Maintaining most of its functionality from its PC version, the android version of GOM Player will play most of your media files from MP4 to MKV files. However, it appeared that the android version of the GOM Player has not been as reliable as its PC version as some users still complained about some technical issues and bugs occurring in their apps. However, we will see how the developer will work hard to fix those issues and prevent them from happening again in the future.

Download GOM Player for Android

Download GOM Player for PC


KMPlayer has been used around the world as one of the reliable media player apps and now it is also available on the play store with its android version. One thing that is interesting though, besides being an all-rounder media player, the android version of KMPlayer offers something that other media players don't offer, monetization. With a program within the app called KMPlex, you may be able to complete missions and earn points which later you can use to exchange with the currently supported coin, MovieBloc Token (MBL).

Download KMPlayer for Android

Download KMPlayer for PC


Despite being known for its media player on PC, RealPlayer had just released an Android version of the app just about in 2021. This android version has offered new additional features such as stream and cast functionality and also for you to access your RealPlayer PC library without needing to connect to your home network. There is also added functionality which includes in-app purchases and subscriptions, allowing you to have cloud storage to store your videos.

Download RealPlayer for Android

Download RealPlayer for PC


The apps that we have listed above are basically what we think the 4 best video player apps that are not only available on PC but also on android. These video players are able to do its job to play video files such as MP4, MKV, and many others type. Although some are completely free with full functionality, some apps offer upgraded features that you can get by buying their add-ins or upgrade your plan to premium.