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Powerful Photo Editing Apps Similar to Canva for Android and iOS

Canva is one of the graphical design apps that has been very useful for many people as it provides a powerful image editor. Unlike many other heavy apps, Canva is lightweight, quick, and easy-to-use powered by the necessary tools to create posters, cover pictures for posts, Instagram stories, and even amazing collages. 

By using Canva, basically, you will be able to create anything that you wish and realize virtually everything on your mind regarding graphics. Canva provides tons of templates for every type of project, allowing you to pick and create designs without making them from scratch. With its features and flexibility, you may customize any design you want. However, there is a downside to Canva, which you need to buy a premium plan in case you need a high-quality image.

Yet worry not, we have found a couple of apps that can be an alternative to Canva that are available for android and iOS. 

Powerful Photo Editing Apps Similar to Canva for Android and iOS

Photo Editing Apps Similar to Canva


The first app that can be used as an alternative to Canva is an app called Picsart. Picsart is an app that allows you to make graphical designs with templates that are provided by them. With more than 3000 tools and templates, you will have the advantage to create any content you want with the intuitive UI and many free features. Even better, this app can also do what photoshop can do such as removing background, remixing photos, reducing noises, and many editing features that you can think of.

Picsart is a versatile app that integrates the best tools, enriched with thousands of remixes that are shared by people around the world. You may find remixes by manually following tags or simply searching in the search panel, and then you may continue to keep those remixes or use them directly in your design.

Using Picsart, you may be able to discover many kinds of art and add an extra touch to them. There is also available music just in case you want to include music in your video design. Once you are familiar with every tool available, you will be able to make complex graphic designs with various models.

The best thing about Picsart is that it also includes many useful features such as a dedicated video editor, collage maker, drawing canvas, photo effects, and many others. Despite being able for free, you can also get their premium plan which will give you access to more features and templates that are only available to premium users, ultimately giving you more comfort and freedom when it comes to designs.

Picsart Photo & Video Editor
PicsArt, Inc.
Price: Free


One other app that can be used as an alternative to Canva is an app called Graphionica. Similar to Canva, this app also brings you many designs and templates for you to use in your designs. This app can be very useful for those who need to design many cards, quotes, collages, and even posters as this app will give you many options of templates that you can start with. In functionality, this app offers a minimalistic yet easy-to-use UI as you might only need to drag and drop any elements just as well to use the tools you need.

In order to use this app, firstly you may need to allow permissions for this app to access your file storage, so that this app may access your desired pictures and videos. After that, you may see on the homepage the options that you would like to do, and choose one. After that, you may choose one of the available templates that are available on the app. You may then choose illustrations, stickers, and any other elements that you want to be put into your project only by tapping it. Once you are done, you may save it to what is called 'my project'.

You may also adjust size and location of the elements simply with the tip of your fingers. There are many aspects of the elements that can be customized such as text type, opacity, color, and even font style.

Graphionica: ig story maker
Graphionica App
Price: Free


When it comes to other apps that are similar to Canva, these two apps are a good photo editor in themselves. However, depending on the type of projects that you wish to create, each app has its advantages and disadvantages but if in general, both Picsart and graphionica can be a good alternative to Canva and most importantly, they are available for both Android and iOS. Lastly, if you wish to unlock more functionality and exclusive templates, you may always consider to buy premium plan from all of them, including Canva.