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5 Most Popular Instant Messaging App Other than WhatsApp and iMessage

Sending a message to your friends and family has never been easier today. While it used to take lots of phone credits just to send a handful of messages, right now all you need to have is a working internet connection and you will be able to send unlimited messages through messaging apps. Some examples of these messaging apps are WhatsApp and iMessage.

Whatsapp and iMessage have been very popular for their texting functionality. Even better, both apps also include other features such as calling and video calling. While Whatsapp is popular due to its simplicity and compatibility as it is available for both Android and iOS, iMessage offers an exclusive texting experience through its various features that are only available for Apple product users such as iPhone and iPad. Yet, both of these apps have been largely used by almost every circle of friends, colleagues, and family. However, did you know that there are many other available texting apps besides Whatsapp and iMessage?

If you didn't, let's take a look at the most used instant messaging apps besides Whatsapp and iMessage.

5 Most Popular Instant Messaging Apps Besides Whatsapp and iMessage

Most Popular Instant Messaging App Besides Whatsapp and iMessage
Most Popular Instant Messaging App Besides Whatsapp and iMessage


Despite having lower popularity in America and Europe, LINE messenger has been largely used in Asia specifically Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia. Initiated as solely an instant messaging app, LINE messenger has evolved into a giant ecosystem packed with features that are attractive to teenagers and youth. Some of the features that are available are voice calls, video calls, media sharing, voice notes, and also other functionality such as official accounts and squares. With its features, LINE has generated around 165 million active users each month.


Whether you are familiar with this app or not, we should agree that this texting app has been becoming one of the largest instant messaging apps with its 1.2 billion active users each month. What's even more interesting, this staggering users number is largely from mainland China! This app offers basic functionality such as chatting calls & video calls, and not to mention cute stickers and Moments. One unique feature within this app is that you may just shake your phone to find friends as it will automatically find new friends based on GPS location. Besides being a texting app, this app has also been more integrated into society with financial features such as WePay. 


Skype has been long-running when it comes to VOIP and video call services. This app has been used by 300 million active users Despite losing its exclusivity as many other apps also offer free calls, this app supported by Microsoft is still popularly existing now. This popularity can't be separated from various sophisticated features of skype such as a video call meeting that can contain up to 50 people at the same time although Skype has also been upstaged by its own sibling, Microsoft Teams.


Launched in 2013, Telegram has been sending secure messages around the world with its security feature. It has been constantly gaining popularity, especially since the privacy issues that were revolving around Whatsapp lately. Not only fully functional and free, but this renowned texting app also has abundant cool features such as bots, interesting accounts like anonymous chat, and even cloud features to contain information and data from users. Yet, one of the most prominent features of this app is the high-end encryption that allows users to securely send messages without fear of their privacy being compromised.

Facebook Messenger

Despite being a social media, Facebook has released a separate texting app simply called Messenger. What makes Messenger stand out from many other apps in this list is that Messenger can be used for both Facebook and Instagram, allowing you to send messages to your friends on both social media within a single app. With its integrated features between Facebook and Instagram, you no longer need to switch between apps just to reply to your friends' texts. Even more so, there are more and more added functionality such as sending SMS, chat heads shortcuts, and story viewing. In all its best, this all-in-one Messengers offers you an integrated texting and messaging experience across platforms


The lists that we have shared are what have been reportedly the most popular instant messaging other than WhatsApp and iMessage. With hundreds of millions of active users per month, these apps have been largely used to exchange messages allowing people to connect with each other in an instant. In addition, some of the apps listed may offer other services that surely will be helpful for users in many aspects of life from social activity to financial services.