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6 Most Popular and Largest Social Media Platforms for Business

This current digital era has been bringing many benefits and making things a lot easier for humanity. One of the aspects that have been largely impacted is business. Along with the advancement of technology, businesses have been rapidly growing and generating profits thanks to the impact brought by popular social media.

Right now, there are many kinds of social media that have been largely used for marketing purposes. For that, it is necessary for business owners or marketing teams to know what are the types and models of social media that have been rapidly growing, making impacts everywhere, and largely used by society. For that, here are full reviews of the apps that are being used the most and are high in popularity.

6 Most Popular and Largest Social Media Platforms for Business

Most Popular and Largest Social Media Platforms for Business
Most Popular and Largest Social Media Platforms for Business


The first social media platform in this list is the most popular on-demand video streaming platform, YouTube. Who knows, a website initiated by three young developers in 2005, has been reaching the top on-demand video streaming platform for many years now. This streaming site has been reaching the second most visited website in the world by allowing its users to share videos, generating much content for people to watch.

There are even possibilities for users to generate income by allowing their videos to be monetized through advertisements. This feature is very beneficial for both the content creator and businesses as content creators can be compensated with every exposure that business owners have gained. This marketing strategy has also led many businesses to success as long as the advertisement campaign is as attractive and appealing as possible.


The next social media platform on the list is a photo and video sharing platform, Instagram. With its applications on Android, iOS, and website, Instagram allows users to share photos and videos for many purposes, from getting fun to even monetization.

Instagram has been largely an option for many businesses owner because of its large user base and the ease of photo and video sharing. The marketing strategy that is largely being used on Instagram is by posting various iconic, enticing, and fun content to increase engagement. The algorithm that is used on Instagram also allows marketing teams to reach people with specific profiles through advertisements.


The next social media that is largely being used and popular is Facebook, a social media platform owned by Mark Zuckerberg. Developed in 2004, this social media platform has been becoming one of the social media platforms with the largest user base in the world. This platform has also consistently offered users monetization through its various programs.

Despite being a dedicated businesses features, Facebook has largely been used by business owners as a way to engage its customers and prospects. By creating pages that users can like and follow, business owners may engage its customers base and reach new prospects through story sharing, links, pictures, and video sharing. Even more so, if you have a dedicated marketing budget, you may use the FB ads feature and it has been proven to increase exposure specifically to relevant profiles.


The next social media in this list is an app developed by Japanese developer NAVER, LINE. This app has been largely used in Japan but it also has a massive user base in Indonesia, Taiwan, and Thailand. Started solely as a messenger app, LINE has evolved into a massive ecosystem, providing many features for its users from related to social activity to financial services.

For business purposes, LINE has been used actively as a means of marketing through its advertisements campaign and so-called official accounts. These official accounts serve as a way to engage its customer base by sending promotions, and advertisements, directly to its users' chat rooms.


The next social media that we simply cannot miss is the app that has taken the world by storm, the all-famous TikTok. Originated from China, TikTok has spread its influence with a massive user base of 1 Billion active users in the third quarter of 2021 and is expected to be 1.8 Billion by the end of 2022. Even though the short video formula that TikTok has been using isn't new, TikTok has perfected this quick-bite video sharing with the complex algorithms that are feeding users with videos they like, making them likely to spend more and more time scrolling through their TikTok feeds. Even more so, the features and filters that have been available have been reported to keep its active users while also generating new users each month.

Despite being a video-sharing platform, TikTok has grown to become a massive marketing platform. With the TikTok ads, business owners may advertise efficiently using a short yet attractive video. Even more so, TikTok had just been releasing a new feature called TikTok shop for selling features, allowing you to have a platform for marketing and e-commerce both at the same time. 


Different from many other apps in this list, Snapchat is an app that is focused on messaging and social activity services. However, one unique feature that is pioneered by Snapchat is the ability for users to send a message in a picture or a video, allowing users to have a unique experience in sending messages. The famous story features that are now being implemented on many platforms had also originated from a Snapchat feature. In short, Snapchat had been a pioneer and an innovator when it comes to features on social media platforms.

Despite being focused on as a messaging app, Snapchat has its own advertising ecosystem called Snapchat ads. With Snapchat ads, business owners may reach their targeted customers through the features available in Snapchat ads.


The apps that we have listed above are apps that have been reportedly very popular and have a large active user base. With the available features in these apps along with marketing opportunities through ads, businesses may grow and reach their customers with ease. Even more so, the large active user base within these apps will definitely present unlimited opportunities to gain exposure and prospects with the tailored ads specifically to relevant user profiles.