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5 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android Similar to Photoshop

Editing a photo used to be a complicated process involving many hours spent only to get a picture to look perfect. However, in this era of Android, you can say goodbye to all the hassle as now you can just edit your photos away with simple taps, even when you need a professional touch like photoshop.

For that, we have selected the 5 best photo editing apps for android that can be a substitute for photoshop, but only it's on your phone!

5 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android Similar to Photoshop

Best Photo Editor Apps for Android Similar to Photoshop
Best Photo Editor Apps for Android Similar to Photoshop


LightX is a multifunction photo editor that allows you to make cutouts, change your background, make collages, and add filters to your picture. With this app, you may alter your picture saturation, making your picture better than ever. You may also add all the splash color effects while using all the professional tools available. The best yet, you can use many of the tools all for free without even buying a premium account. However, if you decide to subscribe to its premium account, you may access extra tools, fonts, effects, font, and even animation that are only available for premium users.

Download LightX on Play Store


Canva has been very well known for its great functionality and tons of templates available for picture editing. With more than 100 million downloaders, Canva may offer you thousands of templates for your content creation before you even get a premium account. But, if you choose to get a premium version of Canva, there will be tons of awesome templates available for you to use and exclusive only for premium members. Yet, the best feature that is really hard to find outside this app is that Canva is also available in the web interface on PC and supports collaboration. This means that you may collaborate on a project with a friend even though they are using the web interface on a PC laptop. 

Download Canva on Play Store


Snapseed is a photo editing app made by Google that packs tons of features for you to use. Even better, most of the features that are available are very close to the professional features in Photoshop and yet simplified. With this app, you may choose to edit parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, highlight, shadows, and so on. The way you can edit those parameters is also simple, you just need to simply drag on the parameters you want to change and stop where it looks good for you. In summary, you can get your best-looking picture with the awesome features only with a few taps, all without a single penny spent. In other words, it's completely free without any in-app purchases!

Download Snapseed on Play Store

Photo Editor Pro - Polish

Polish is a photo editor app made by InShot, a developer that is known for its video editor app under the same name. As its name suggests, you may polish your picture in the best looking way possible with many features built into the app. However, the main benefit of this app is that you can apply a hundred filters and effects to your picture all at zero cost. Besides, Polish also offers many other cool features such as glitch effects, photo blender, body retouch, photo collage maker, and so many on. 

Download Photo Editor Pro - Polish on Play Store

PicsArt Photo & Video Editor

PicsArt is probably one of the most famous photo editors on Android as its download numbers have reached a staggering 500 million downloads. It has been used by many users ranging from basic users to even agencies. PicsArt has also a web interface, allowing you to edit your pictures anywhere on the web using its simple and easy-to-use tools. There are tons of features that you may use such as a background eraser, picture resizer, photo cropper, and even watermarks. Even better, this app has already included a video editor in case you need to edit your video anytime. At last, this app will help deliver the best version of your picture for free with some extra functionality with its premium plan.

Download PicsArt Photo & Video Editor on Play Store


The 5 apps that we have listed are what we consider the best photo editing app that is available on Android. Even though some of them might lack features that are available in Photoshop, these apps have already offered great functionalities for good retouching and editing, which can be a good substitute for Photoshop. You might have noticed that these apps are generally for free but by getting their premium plans, you will have access to extra tools, effects, and presets that are available exclusively for premium members.