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7 Best Free Offline Music Player Apps for Android in 2022

With the advancement of technology and entertainment platforms, everybody can enjoy entertainment on the internet practically without spending any money at all. Besides watching movies or playing games through the internet, people may also enjoy listening to music with the existence of music provider applications such as Resso, Youtube Music, and the most popular Spotify. However, not everybody has an access to the internet at all times and some of them have to download the songs in order to enjoy them and this can't be done without getting a premium plan.

For that, we have found some of the best Free offline music player apps for android that you should try in 2022.

7 Best Free Offline Music Player Apps for Android in 2022

7 Best Free Offline Music Player Apps for Android in 2022
7 Best Free Offline Music Player Apps for Android in 2022


AIMP is one of the music player apps that is available for Android and is capable of accessing many audio files and archives. The app system has a simple interface UI allowing users to play music with ease. In this app also there is a complete equalizer feature that will help you tune and mix your audio music according to your preference.

Download AIMP on Play Store

BlackPlayer Music Player

Black Player is one of the music player apps that is widely used by android users. This media player is supported with a sophisticated UI that will help users play their music without any problem. Many formats of song archives are playable in this app end even better, this app is also available for iOS besides Android.

Download BlackPlayer Music Player on Play Store

doubleTwist Music & Podcast Player with Sync

Doubletwist Music is a music media player that is available both for free and paid. This music player has a fast and easy-to-use interface that eliminates the need to go back and forth to other apps just to play music and podcasts. There is also an additional add-on that you can pay that will allow you to cast or AirPlay music with the optional AirSync purchase.

Download doubleTwist Music & Podcast Player with Sync on Play Store

Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player is one of the apps that can help you to enjoy your favorite music with its dedicated small widgets, adding ease for playing your song through the home screen. Not only that, there is a dedicated sleep feature built-in by the developers so that you wouldn't need to worry if you're playing your favorite songs overnight. In addition, there's also a feature that allows you to edit the song that is being played and a feature that gives you an option to display lyrics texts.

Download Musicolet Music Player on Play Store


MediaMonkey is basically an all-in-one multimedia app that allows you not just to play music but also to play podcasts, audiobooks, and even videos. There is also the ability to connect a song that is being played on a computer to a handphone only through wifi. Besides, there is also the sleep timer feature that allows you to set a timer for your music to turn off by itself. 

Download MediaMonkey on Play Store

Oto Music

Just like any other music player, Oto Music allows you to play your desirable songs with its intuitive UI. However, there's one unique feature to this music player, and that is that you may customize your own theme of the media player. Not only that, this application is very lightweight as its size is not more than 4MB so you wouldn't need to worry at all about your phone's storage. Even more so, this app can also help play music through Android Auto and Chromecast.

Download Oto Music on Play Store

Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp merupakan sistem pemutar musik secara offline yang sering digunakan oleh pengguna Android. Hal itu disebabkan karena fitur yang disediakan oleh developer cukup beragam ragam. Seperti equalizer, widget, lirik, dan masih banyak lagi. Terdapat beberapa tema yang dapat di Aplikasikan pada Poweramp disesuaikan dengan selera pengguna.

Poweramp is a free offline music player that has largely been used by many Android users with more than 50 million users downloads. This app's success is inseparable from the fact that this app has given out various good features built-in by the developer such as equalizer, widgets, lyrics, and so many on. There are also many applicable themes to this music player, giving you more personalization to the app. However, you should note that this app is available for android with the free version and paid version with comparable features.

Download Poweramp Music Player on Play Store


Playing music on the phone has been essential for people as it boosts mood when they are working or simply allows people to relax. However, playing music online sometimes can drain your internet package especially if you are not using a wifi connection. However, the apps that we have just listed are the apps that can help you play your music offline without any connection whatsoever. There are also premium versions of the app available if you wish to have more functionality with the purchasable premium apps or optional add-ons. However, you should note that the music player apps only play local audio files that you already have and most of them don't support streaming and downloading music directly.