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Here Are 5 Best File Manager Available on Play Store in 2022

A file manager is crucial for an android to be able to browse, save, and explore all kinds of files. In addition, a file manager can also be used to manage personal files including games and applications packages (APK) that you have downloaded. Even though many android phones generally include a built-in file manager application, third-party file manager apps often include features that are not available to stock file managers.

For that, here are the top 5 file manager apps available on the play store handpicked by EZclopedia.

5 Best File Manager Apps Available on Play Store

Best File Manager Android Apps
Best Android File Manager Apps Available on Play Store

FX File Explorer

FX File Explorer is a file manager app that offers a smooth file browsing experience free without displaying any ads. This app also offers a file managing experience without putting any tracking of any kind and also every asked permission is only to enhance the file browsing experience, not to be abused. FX File Explorer also allows file transfer using Wi-FI direct and even NFC pairing, allowing a seamless pairing experience by physically connecting two phones. The main features of this app include a built-in text editor with full functionality such as history, undo, and redo. You may also extract compressed files such as ZIP, TAR, GZIP, and even BZIP2 without any other app required.

Download FX File Explorer on Play Store

File Manager by File Manager Plus

File Manager Plus is an easy yet powerful file manager app for android devices. You can use this app without buying any in-app purchases with a few ads displayed. One of the big advantages of File Manager Plus is the simple UI making it extremely easy to use. You can also see a quick glance at the apps and files on your phone right after opening the app. The main functions of this app are to manage file directory, copying, compressing, file transfer, and even manage audio files

Download File Manager by File Manager Plus on Play Store

Total Commander - File Manager

As suggested by its name, Total Commander - File Manager gives you total command to your files. With Total commander, you will be able to move, copy, and paste files within your phone directories with ease. You may also create new folders or rename existing folders without any problem. It is also very helpful when it comes to having compressed ZIP or RAR files as it already has built-in decompression system. One of the main advantages of using this app is that it displays no ads at all. However, if you would like to have more functionality or to support the developer, you may buy one of their additional plugins.

Download Total Commander - File Manager on Play Store

Solid Explorer

Solid manager is a file manager android app inspired by old-school file commander applications. Even though this app displays some ads within this app, there is one feature that you might not want to miss out on, dual-pane layout. With the dual-pane layout, you may access two directories of files at the same time with ease. You may also transfer files only by dragging them from one panel to another panel. One of the best features offered by this app is a file encryption feature, allowing you to encrypt your files with AES encryption and put them in a secure folder so that other apps would not be able to open those files.

Download Solid Explorer on Play Store

Cx File Explorer

Cx File Explorer is a featured file manager designed with an intuitive and clean interface. The idea behind this file explorer is that you may manage your files with ease just as you would manage your files on Windows or Mac PC. With this file manager, you may browse and manage your files on your phone, your PC, and even cloud storage with appropriate connections. Cx File Explorer also provides a rich set of features to allow advanced users more freedom to their files without being overwhelmed.

Download Cx File Explorer on Play Store


This list of File Explorers applications are what we consider the best file manager APK in 2022. These apps generally offer basic functionality with their free version that you can get from Play Store. However, you can get more features by buying their premium version or by getting their additional plugins.