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4 Best Art Drawing Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

One of the ways that people can do creativity is by drawing. Through drawing, people can pour out all of their imaginations and make things in their minds 'real', and this has been done for hundreds or even thousands of years. However, as technology is being more and more advanced, drawing is not only exclusive to paper but now it can also be done digitally and one of the ways to do it is to draw with your Android smartphone or tablet.

For that, we have found you what we think are the 4 best art drawing apps that you can download for your Android and iOS smartphones and tablets in 2022

4 Best Art Drawing Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

Best Art Drawing Apps Android iOS

Clip Studio Paint

The first app in our recommendation is an app called Clip Studio Paint. This drawing app is a drawing studio that you can use either for hobby or professional use. Even though Clip Studio Paint was initially released for PC and laptops, this app was also released for mobile platforms just as early as 2020.

Clip Studio Paint combines drawing and painting functions with its sophisticated features that even support 3D painting. With these features, users will be able to create anything they would like with features such as cloud saving, allowing you to access your drawing anywhere you like. You may download this app in the Play Store or iOS app store for free with tons of added functionality if you decide to get their premium plan.

Clip Studio Paint
Price: Free

Artflow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

The next app on our list is an art drawing apps made by a studio with the same name, Artflow. As its name suggests, Artflow allows you to paint, draw, and make sketchbooks with in-depth features that are available in the apps. One of the primary points that Artflow is that this app gives you a ton of options when it comes to brushes. there are roughly more than 70 brushes, smudges, and many other tools that you can use for artistic creations.

Equipped with such many sophisticated features, Artflow supports many functions such as layer blending. Not only that, you may save your art files in many formats including JPG, PNG, and even PSD which can be used in other apps such as Photoshop. What's even better, Artflow is also supporting NVIDIA DirectStylus

ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook
Artflow Studio
Price: Free

ibis Paint X

One app that we think you should really not miss when it comes to drawing is an app called ibis Paint X. With more than 100 million downloads, ibis Paint X offers you a large variety of features, allowing you to create art in the best way possible. The 140 quality brushes that you can use such as felt tip pen, dip pen, and even paintbrush, will also allow you to draw and paint according to your preferences. In addition, this app also has a dedicated recorder that allows you to record every progress of your artwork and also a dedicated feature that allows you to make specific art styles such as manga.

ibis Paint X
ibis inc.
Price: Free

Medibang Paint - Make Art !

The last app in our recommendation is a suitable app for those of you who would to have some additional features without paying any money at all. With all its free features, you may also use this app cross-platform allowing you to access your artwork from all platforms whether it's PC or mobile. Medibang paint also offers cloud-saving features that allow users to continue progress from one app to another. There are also tons of available brushes and tools that you can use for any kind of artwork from realistic painting to even comic art styles.

MediBang Paint - Make Art !
MediBang Inc.
Price: Free


The 4 apps that we have just listed are what we consider the best art drawing apps that are largely available to download on Android and iOS. You may choose one of these apps according to the features that you required and the preferences that you may have when it comes to art. These apps also generally offer you a premium plan just in case you need added features, allowing you to have more freedom to the piece of art that you are working on.