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5 Best Android Cache Cleaner Proven to Clean Your Phone's Junk Files

Have you ever got a notification that your phone storage is running out? Well, one of the main reason that you got such a notification is because you already got too much junk files or cache on your phone. This is not without a reason, but it is because your phone continually produce cache files in order for your apps to work properly. However, these cache files are temporary and can be get rid of with just a few taps with these apps.

Here are the 5 best android cache cleaner that has been proven to clean your phone's junk files and also available on the Play Store.

5 Best Android Cache Cleaner Proven to Clean Junk Files

Best Cache Cleaner for Android

Nox Cleaner

Nox Cleaner is a smart cache cleaner with booster functionality for android phones. This multifunction app is able to clean your phone's junk as well as scanning virus within your phone. One of the notable features of this cleaner is the CPU Cooler feature that could slightly reduce your CPU temperature, preventing your phone from overheating issues. There are also other features such as max battery saver, game booster master, app locker master, and image manager master.

Download Nox Cleaner on Play Store

Nox Cleaner - Booster, Master
Nox Ltd.
Price: Free

One Booster: Antivirus & Cleaner

One Booster is one of the available cleaners with antivirus included that is available on the market for free. With more than 100 million Downloads, this cache cleaner has been helping many users to clean their phone cache and boost the phone's performance. With its simple and intuitive UI, you may clear your hidden cache files that are slowing down your phone. Besides its cleaner and antivirus functionality, One Booster has other features such as RAM booster, battery saver, and phone cooler.

Download One Booster: Antivirus & Cleaner on Play Store

One Booster: Antivirus&Cleaner
One Dot Moblie Limited
Price: Free

CC Cleaner

CC Cleaner has been famous for its available PC cleaner app on Windows and is now also available for its android phone cleaner. With years of reputation in cleaning PC, you can be assured that this cleaner may clean your phone's junk files as well as it does on PC. There is also one-click functionality to clean your phone's cache, browser history, and even clipboards. Even better, this app can track apps that produce the highest number of cache files and most battery draining (if you give them permission, of course).

Download CC Cleaner on Play Store

CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
Price: Free

KeepClean: Cleaner, Antivirus

KeepClean is one of the available all-in-one apps for cleaner, antivirus, and booster that is available on Play Store for free. With its cleaner functionality, you can clean your phone's junk files and cache in a few clicks. Other than that, this phone has a built-in antivirus protecting your phone by blocking and removing viruses. KeepClean can also boost your phone performance by freeing up system cache and RAM, ultimately optimizing your phone storage and performance.

Download KeepClean: Cleaner, Antivirus on Play Store

KeepClean: Cleaner, Antivirus
Price: Free

Fancy Cleaner - Boost, Cleaner

Fancy Cleaner is the next generation of an existing app called Fancy Clean. This app offers a fast, light, yet powerful antivirus, cleaner, and booster all in one application. There are some unique features that make this app stand out from other competitors such as notification cleaner, network analysis, and even duplicate photo cleaner. You may also boost your gaming performance with its game booster functionality and this app is available for free on Play Store

Download Fancy Cleaner - Booster, Cleaner on Play Store

Fancy Cleaner - Boost, Cleaner
Fancy Mobile Apps
Price: Free


What we have curated today are what we think are the best 5 Android cache cleaners that have been proven to clean junk files on your phone. These apps are able to clean your phone's cache with a few simple taps along with other functionalities they offer. However, if you think that you have clean your cache and your phone still shows that it is still running low on storage, you might want to check the reasons why your phone is low on storage and how you can fix it.